The festival of modern choreography in Vitebsk is the oldest and most reputable dancing forum in the CIS. It annually, without breaks, has been taking place in the second half of November since 1987. From the very beginning, the dancing forum was supervised by outstanding choreographer-innovators: Evgeny Panfilov, Valentin Elizaryev, Xiao Cuhua, Vladimir Vasilyev, Radu Poklitara, – who have assured to a festival the highest professional level. Five festival days are not only premieres of choreographic performances which show the best troupes of the planet, but also a competition in which young actors get a chance to display their talents. Within the bounds of the festival they arrange exhibitions, lectures, debates, master classes; this is the school of professional skills increasing the level of choreographic culture of all those who take an interest or are engaged in dancing.

The site is historical and archival in nature. All photos, by 99.9%, were taken by photographers during the festival, which they illustrate. These are reportage photography, so the aesthetes of artistic photography may have claims to quality. Accepted, but for us the main circumstance is a historical fact. If in this or that year, as an afterword, published magazine and newspaper articles that deserve attention, we place them in the section "Press and Criticism". If you have materials of this kind, please send us a message and we will be glad to fill in the gap. The only request and condition is that the material should be based on IFMC-related events.

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