International Jury of the Competition IFMC'2022
Igor Kolb – Honored Artist of Russia, principal of the Mariinsky Theater, chief choreographer of the National Academic Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus, Chairperson of the Jury (Belarus).
Arman Balmanukyan – laureate of international competitions, dancer, choreographer, teacher, artistic director of “Balmanukyan Dance Project”, art director of the International Summer Festival of Contemporary Dance “SUMMEET” (Armenia).
Jeanne Yasko - choreographer, dancer, teacher of STEPZ Dansestudio in Copenhagen (Denmark).
Igor Kirov – laureate of international competitions, dancer, choreographer, teacher, artistic director of “The Kirov Dance Company” (North Macedonia).
Olga Pona – choreographer, Laureate of the National Russian Theater Award “Golden Mask”, artistic director of Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater (Russia).
Irina Lavrenova – soloist of the Royal Swedish Ballet, guest dancer of the world's leading ballet theaters, teacher (Sweden).


Expert Council IFMC'2022
Larisa Barykina - music and theater critic, art director of the International Contemporary Dance Festival “On the Edge” (Na Grani). Member of expert councils and jury of the Golden Mask National Theater Award, Russian and international awards and competitions. Head of the School of Theater Criticism of the Sverdlovsk branch of the Union of Theater Workers, Chairperson (Russia).
Svetlana Gutkovskaya – choreographer, laureate of international competitions, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Choreography at Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts (Belarus).
Svetlana Ulanovskaya – dance critic, researcher of contemporary dance, lecturer, teacher of the Department of Choreographic Art at St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions, PR-director of the International Festival of Contemporary Dance “Open Look” (Russia - Belarus).
Tatyana Ratobylskaya – Candidate of Art Criticism, musician, journalist, researcher of contemporary dance and theater (Germany).
Tatyana Kotovich– Professor, Doctor of Art Criticism, professor of the Department of History and Cultural Heritage at Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov, researcher of the Russian avant-garde (Belarus).


October 29, 2022

As you remember, the list of the participants that passed to the second round of the IFMC'2022 Competition was first published on October 19. But on October 23, the list was supplemented with three new names, and today with two more contenders for the title of laureates of the competition. The final list of the participants is as follows (without taking into account the literal meaning of the ancient phraseological unit “Everything moves”):

1. Dance Theater “Altana”, Minsk.
2. Denis Chernyshov, Chelyabinsk.
3. Folk Choreographic Ensemble “Alesya”, Mogilev.
4. Dance Theatre [REFLECTIONS], Minsk.
5. Alexandra Rebkalo, St. Petersburg.
6. Maria Isakova project, Gomel.
7. Ensemble of the Department of Choreography of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, Minsk.
8. Dance Company “Okoem”, Yekaterinburg.
9. Creative Workshop of the Kazan State Institute of Culture “Oxymoron”, Kazan.
10. Dance Theater “Prospekt”, Tyumen.
11. Alexandra Kinevich project, Minsk.
12. Dance Company “Dennitsa”, Yekaterinburg.
13. Dance Company “Thoughts Aloud” of the Chamber Ballet “Panther”, Kazan.
14. Pavel Luntsevich project, Minsk.
15. Dmitry Bezzubenko project, Department of Choreography of the Belarusian State University of Art and Culture, Minsk.
16. Evgeniya Nikolaychuk project, Minsk.
17. Honored Collective of the Republic of Belarus People’s Theatre-Studio of Modern Choreography of Diana Yurchenko, Vitebsk.
18. “We.Are.Art.Project”, Minsk.
19. Vitebsk State College of Culture and Arts, Vitebsk.
20. Konstantin Shakunov project, Department of Choreography of the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts, Minsk.
21. Valentin Isakov project “Х-perIments”, Gomel.
22. Dance Theater “Lyusil”, Yerevan.
23. Contemporary Dance Theatre “Samruk”, Almaty.
24. Anastasiya Golesheva project, Minsk.


Issues of paid accreditation at IFMC’2022
The cost of paid accreditation for the period from 23 to 27 November is 120 Belarusian rubles. Payment can be made at the box office of the Concert Hall “Vitebsk”, or by bank transfer. After payment, the badge “Paid accreditation” is issued.
A participant with a “Paid Accreditation” badge has the right to attend all public events of the festival, the closed round of the competition, as well as open meetings of the expert council.
Participation in practical master classes is available for an additional fee.

Practical master classes
Practical master classes will be held from 24 to 27 November. The cost of one practical lesson is 12 Belarusian rubles. Schedule, names of teachers and topics will be presented no later than November 10.

How to save?
Choose a continuous period from any three days of the festival and pay 60 Belarusian rubles. Basically, you have three options:
Option 1 - November 23, 24 and 25.
Option 2 - November 24, 25 and 26.
Option 3 - November 25, 26 and 27.
In addition, the Board of Directors of the Festival is ready to assist in organizing economical accommodation and meals.

Directorate IFMC'2022